Bitmill s.r.l.

We deal with the design, hardware & software development, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic products for industrial and civil applications

What we do

We deal with customers needs, we design develop and manufacture original devices, innovative electronics and systems solutions

Understand the pain points, expectations and requirements

Find the right solutions for products

Develop and validate the needed solutions

Why we are the right partner for your company

We combine extensive skills with solid competencies to build process management systems based on high quality standard for fast time to product and superior results

Embedded software development from pure embedded to embedded OS based applications to software development for Linux, OSX, Windows

Hardware architectures and microprocessors skills continuosly evolving

Programming languages and frameworks as :PHP, Javascript, jQuery, nodeJS, Python, MySQL, Express, Bootstrap, Bash, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Swift


We are working with and supplying companies worldwide since more than 10 years